Monday, June 23, 2008

Our first stress free day!!

David and I have been incredibly stressed out lately. His (former) job cut his hours down to 4 days a week, so he had to take on a second job just to make ends meet. It's been an awful couple of months. Well, he finally got a new job, and today was his first day!! He loves it. His technical title is Division Manager of Turf and Ornamental Care. He basically gets to build the Lawn Care division of his new company. He is soooooo thrilled with it! He's also getting salary (woo hoo!), so he has all his weekends free again. Anyway, I just wanted to brag a little!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

David's job

David just finished his first really big job this week, and I am so unbelievably proud of him!! This lady wanted a patio done, and new seed put down in her yard. Well, David ended up having to excavate her entire back yard to have it be completely level. Anyway, he did a fantastic job!! Since he put grass seed down, we're going to have to wait a while to get good pictures of the lawn, but here's the patio and yard as it is now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When you're a kid (or teenager), you being collecting things. Sometimes it's rocks, or stuffed animals. When you're older, it's things like CD's, books, clothes. I, however, have begun a stroller collection. It started when Scarlett was born, and we got a free stroller from a friend of my aunts. It was barely used, and cost around $300. It's a beautiful Italian stroller. Well, we then wanted to get a larger stroller that matched Scarlett's car seat, and actually held on to it. So we bought our second stroller. Cost us around $70 or so. Not too bad, right? Well, we were fine with those. The small one for little trips, the big one for trips to the mall and stuff. Well, then I got pregnant with Rian, so we had to get a double stroller. This one is awesome, but it's huge. It's a pain to get into the car, it's heavy, and David broke it. Dumb butt went up and over a curb without paying attention, and broke one of the front wheels. So we've been down to two strollers for a while. Yesterday we went to Target, and bought the Sit-n-Stand Deluxe. This thing is awesome!!!! It has the two regular seats, like a tandem double stroller. BUT you can remove the back seat so it converts to a sit n stand. Way worth the $170 we paid for it. Now, I get to go try it out at the mall today, and hope it's as awesome as I think it is!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun times!

My kids are by far the most hilarious kids ever!!! Scarlett says the funniest stuff at the most random times. Yesterday I was waking her up from her nap, and she cracks her eyes open, looks at me, and says "No." She proceeded to roll over and try to fall back asleep. And Rian, well, he's just a funny monkey! He makes this noise where he sucks in air, but does it noisily. It's just awesome. And he's now climbing up on EVERYTHING. But he can't get back down. Off to save him from the edge of the bed!